Thursday, 13 May 2021

Mystery Blogger Award

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Yeah, I'm drawing a blank on facts, so we'll save that for later.

Three things about myself:


I have a tendency when I find something I like (particularly with clothes) to with stick with that thing until it physically falls apart. It's actually kind of a problem.


Not sure if this counts but...

I have a personal headcanon that 'Betty,' the girl who's perspective Taylor Swift sings from in 'Cardigan,' is the girl in 'Seven' who's name Taylor Swift can't remember. My reasoning for this headcanon is that there's the line 'leaving like a father, running like water' from 'Cardigan' and then in 'Seven' there's mentions of 'I think your house is haunted, your dad is always mad, and that must be why' and 'and we can be pirates, then you won't have to cry or hide in the closet'

I think the fact that Taylor Swift can't recall the person's face and the possible underlying 'father/dad' storyline adds to the 'passed down like folk-songs' idea that she was going for. Most likely I just read into that way too much, but I've thought that since I heard the songs and I've wanted to talk about it. Anyone else agree/disagree? I'd love to know. 


I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes

Best Posts
I wouldn't say any of them are flawless but here's a few links anyways

McKayla's Questions

If you were spontaneously given the lead role in your favorite musical with a day to learn all your lines, what would be your gut reaction? 

Among several other reactions and responses.

Now if I didn't have anxiety, a crushing fear of failure, and actually had the required skills to star in a musical, this might be a different story. There's a few I'd love to do if I had the ability.

If you could have dinner with one cast member from one of your favorite shows, who would it be? 

I think we're talking about the real actors, but I think the character they play would be fun too. I wouldn't call it my favourite show but Jaskier/Joey Batey from the Witcher. Are we noticing a theme at all?

If we're talking about musical cast members then possibly, as far as most recent favourite musicals go, either Eva Noblezada or Reeve Carney from HadesTown. Although there's so many others I'd love to meet too.

What is your opinion on bunnies? 

I think they're adorable.

Years ago, fairly close to where I lived at the time, the area had a feral rabbit problem so it was pretty common to just see rabbits all over the place. I was too young to care about the politics of it but I still laugh over the fact that a city had very divided opinions about what to do about it. Petitions were made, it was discussed in community meetings, there was controversy, deals were made, rabbits were rampant in the streets. Again my knowledge of what was happening was just like "There's bunnies!!" I don't know what the extent of what happened even was but I love that I remember that it was a major thing at one time. City Hall had had enough of their feral rabbits and they were cracking down. And eventually, at some point, you realized that the rabbits were just gone. 

City Hall getting the job done

(obviously I'm kidding)

Who's your favorite unlikable/problematic/villainous/just not very nice character and why?

Billy Hargrove was the first person that popped into my head so for simplicities sake I'm going to stick with him. He got a character arc in season 3 but in season 2 he was a complete jerk to put it nicely. That being said, I did kind of like him in season 2. I thought he added something to the show. He had a very intense presence and he was just really good at it. He had a style. It was interesting to watch. Maybe it was the added stakes and on-edge energy that he brought into each scene that captured my attention, I don't know. Have I mentioned that Dacre Montgomery is an amazing actor?

I was going to let myself do more but once I put more then one I couldn't stop myself.

Which do you prefer: ketchup or mustard?

Depends on the thing or the day.
As far as hotdogs go ketchup and mustard are my two go-to condiments anyway.
I'm going to say ketchup because of fries, but mustard is a fairly common one for me.

If you haven't already been tagged for it and you feel like doing it then

(from Violette's Universe)

(from Rose Petals and Fairy Dust)

(From The Pen and The Cross)

(From Bookshire)

And anyone else that wants to do it.

My Questions:

What is the first pairing you remember shipping?

What is the weirdest, most unusual, or one-of-a-kind thing you own?

If you had a surprise birthday being thrown for you, what are 3 fictional characters you would want to be there and why? or (What fictional character would you pull a prank on someone with?)

If you could steal a costume or an outfit from a show/movie, which one would you take?

What was the last line in a book, line in a movie, or lyric in a song that hit you hard?


  1. Oh my goodness your child-take on the bunny problem is hilarious! (And also the gif. So accurate.) We have something like that that happens at our local zoo, where people just...release their pet bunnies (like they're going to be happier?? not happening) so we end up with all kind of suuuper weird-looking rabbits. XD

    Thanks for the tag!

    1. Thanks XD Right!
      Omygosh wow. That's kind of hilarious though

      No problem! I wasn't sure if you'd been tagged yet or not.

  2. Loved reading your answers!
    I specifically said 'one of your favorite shows' because I have such a hard time picking favorites, and just because a character is my favorite, it doesn't mean the actor would necessarily be interesting.
    Oh my goodness, the rabbit problem. It's just such a great story to be able to tell.
    Billy! I....really didn't like him in Season Two, but then I ended up liking him in Season Three (I think that just goes to show how good of an actor Dacre Montgomery is. I went from hating his character to really liking him).
    Ooh, I love that Taylor Swift headcanon! It makes a lot of sense, too.

    1. Aw thanks!
      Oh same. It was actually nice having that to help narrow things down. I've just been loving Jaskier and Geralt's dynamic so for once it was easy for me.

      Right! it sounds like something out of a Parks and Rec episode and I love it.
      Totally fair, he was terrible. Honestly though! Any actor that can do that is incredible. Sometimes I forget how hard acting really is because they make it look so seamless.
      I'm so glad you like it! I haven't seen anyone else (granted I haven't looked very far) make the same connection and I wanted to talk about it.

  3. Impeccable gif use! I agree with that head cannon. Billy miss him so much! The poor bunnies!!

    1. Thanks! I learned from the master XD Glad you agree! Same! He was so good. He had a great ending if you are going to die, but also I would have love to see him survive.

  4. Thanks for tagging me!

    I have several bunnies around my apartment, although not to the extend it sounded like your town had them! That's impressive. I do remember that there were rabbits in the little garden sections in middle of St. Louis, no idea how they survived to get there as it was literally tons of pavements, road, etc. all around.

    I remember reading an article about a love triangle in Taylor Swift's songs that linked several songs, so I'm guessing your theory is correct.

    1. No problem! If you decide to do it I'd love to see your answers.

      It must be so cute! I can never figure out how some things survive in places like that either and yet, there they are.

      True. The triangle did include Cardigan so it makes sense storyline-wise.

  5. Hey I do that with clothes too. (i.e. the shoes in my profile picture. those things are not coming off until they fall apart, basically. on that day i will be very sad.)

    It makes me so happy you included a headcanon as one of your facts about yourself. I'm not real familiar with Taylor Swift but hey, sounds reasonable to me.

    Thanks for the tag! Your questions are amazing and I am most definitely going to answer BOTH options for #3.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Those really are sad days. I've literally duct taped things together to avoid those days. It never looks pretty but what else can you do? The alternative is to be sad. Also I love your shoes.

      Aw, glad it made you so happy! Honestly I was looking for any excuse to talk about it so it seemed as good as any other time XD

      No problem! Oh thanks! I'm excited to see what answers you come up with.

  6. My mom hates it, but I totally do that with clothes. Most commonly shoes and shirts. I am comfortable so I'm not going to get rid of them until I have to, lol!

    1. Same with my family XD Exactly!
      It's always an amazing feeling though those rare times where you find new clothes or an outfit that makes you want to ditch the things you've been avoiding getting rid of. Although I do have some things that are currently falling apart that you'll have to pry out of my cold, dead hands before I give them up.
      Glad I'm not the only one that does that though.

  7. I do the same with clothing. I wear it past being able to be mended anymore! Well-loved garments are the best! Most of the first pairings I remember shipping never made it in the fictional world. Diggory and Polly from Narnia for example. But I gave them a short story on my blog! Haha. Also Anne and Gilbert. Still love those two :)

    MB: thesocialporcupine.come

    1. I love that other people do this too. I just thought sometimes I get abnormally attached to things so it's nice to know that it's something a lot of people do. They are!
      Oh cool! Pairings that never made it need all the appreciation they can get.

      Thanks for the links! I'll have to check them out.